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Captive Portal

What is Captive Portal?

A captive portal presents the user with a login page that opens automatically after the initial connection to the Wi-Fi. He or she must accept the terms of use before being allowed to access the schools or companys Wi-Fi network. In some cases, the captive portal may require a username and password. Using a captive portal gives a school or hotel increased control over its bandwidth while providing customisable limits on how long users can stay connected to your network.

Captive Portal in use in a school

Can the QuattroPod log into a Captive Portal?

Since a captive portal requires manual entry of credentials, the QuattroPod cannot log into a captive portal. However, it is possible to integrate the QuattroPod into your infrastructure by creating a MAC authentication exception on your router or firewall to eliminate this step.

  • The MAC address of the QuattroPod can be found in the About section of the Advanced Settings:

MAC address in the About section

A MAC address is a better choice than using an IP address because the MAC address does not change.

  • Please contact your IT department to allow the MAC address of the QuattroPod.