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Monitor mode

With QuattroPod, the transmitter is directly connected to the graphics card of your computer. Therefore, a great advantage of QuattroPod over other solutions on the market that only transmit the video via USB: QuattroPod supports both multi-monitor mode and duplication.

Simply put, the QuattroPod can do exactly what your computer can do via the video cable.

  • To access the settings under Windows 7, 8 and 10, press the keyboard shortcut [Windows key] +[P]:

The DisplaySwitch tool - (Windows key + P)


If one of the monitor modes (e.g. duplicate) does not work, it is probably not the QuattroPod, but the graphics card of your computer. Please try the mode once via cable to confirm the problem. It is possible that you need a more recent graphics driver.


  • If you select the Duplicate setting, your desktop will be duplicated.


  • If you select the Expand setting, your desktop will be expanded.


  • To transfer your audio to the screen, select the QuattroPod playback device.