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Update Firmware

Why update the firmware?

In order to benefit from all the latest QuattroPod features you can install the latest firmware update quickly and conveniently via the Internet. When you install a new firmware, the previous settings will be included.

You will need Internet Access. When the QuattroPod is connected to your LAN or to your WLAN, an IP address assigned by your network called Infrustructure IP will be displayed on the screen as shown below:

Connect and power on transmitters

When updating the firmware it's important not to overlook the transmitters. Pay careful attention to keep the receiver and all transmitters equally up-to-date in order to avoid compatability issues.

Log into Web Settings

The update is carried out via the Web interface in any web browser of your choice.

  • Make a note of the IP address which is displayed at the bottom left of the landing page.

  • Open your preferred web browser.

  • Click in the browser address bar and enter the IP address of the QuattroPod then press enter.

  • The QuattroPod settings interface will appear. Enter the password. By default this is 000000. If this password is not accepted you must perform a device reset.

  • During the first time you log in you will be asked to change the Admin password. After that you must log in once again.

Start update

  • Click on Admin Settings:

  • Click on Update:

  • To start the update tick the box by Select All, then click on Upgrade.

Update firmware version


If you're unable to connect the transmitters to the receiver after the firmware update please pair the units again.