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LED status overview

Here you can find all statuses of the transmitter:

LED Description
Host enabled. No input source
Host on standby. No content is being transmitted
Host unlocked. Contents are transferred
Guest connected to the receiver. No input source
Guest on standby. No content is transmitted
Guest requests to send. Waits for activation from host
Host receives send request from guest
Guest sending enabled by host. Contents are transmitted
Pairing completed
Sender OTA completed
- Connection is established.
- Pairing/transmitter OTA is downloaded and installed
- Connection failed (flashing since 1min.)
Sender OTA has failed

Transmitter control

Here you can find a table of all key combinations:

Main key (Mirror key) Host Guest
One Click
Send/Exit Request Send
Hold for 3 sec.
Send Full Screen Request Full Screen Send

Host control