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Performance Test

For support purposes we may ask you to run a performance test on your devices. Under normal test conditions the QuattroPod should be able to handle screen mirroring a video for at least 6 hours continuously without any issues. For this test you will require the following devices:

  • A Windows notebook connected to mains power.

  • A QuattroPod receiver.

  • A QuattroPod transmitter.

Download Auto Mouse Mover


Before beginning the test please check that the mains charger is connected to your Windows notebook so that the computer does not turn off during the test.

In order to ensure the Windows PC does not enter powersave mode during the test please download the Stand Alone Application of Auto Mouse Mover Auto Mouse Mover, and extract the .zip file to a folder on your Windows PC:

  • Launch the file AutoMouseMover.exe:

  • A license agreement will appear. Click Accept:

  • Accept the default settings and just select Save & Hide to System Tray in order minimize the software to the system tray:

Play Video File on Repeat

  • Download the following video file to a folder on your Windows PC:

CMS Introduction Video

  • Open the video in Windows Media Player:

  • Activate the Repeat button:

  • The video will then play on repeat:

Connect Transmitter to PC and Mirror the Screen

  • Connect the transmitter to your Windows notebook and mirror the screen to the large display:


Run the performance test as long as possible. If screen mirroring is interrupted please send us a log file.