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Touch Back Support

The touch-back function of the QuattroPod allows you to send gestures with Up to 10 fingers of a multitouch-enabled screen wirelessly back to a Windows computer. All known Windows touch gestures are supported.

When switching to another participant, touch-back functionality is also available to them. This allows for interactivity and creativity of multiple participants on one screen.

Touch Back Support with QuattroPod

QuattroPod Touch-Back Function

User Guide: touch-back function with QuattroPod.

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  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 are supported from firmware version 1.3877.0.

  • macOS 10.14.6 or higher is supported from firmware version 1.9598.72.

  • only one screen can be transmitted at a time \(no splitscreen functionality possible\).

Check firmware version

  • Switch on the QuattroPod receiver. When the landing page appears, check that the minimum required version 1.3877.0 is displayed, as shown below. If necessary, please upgrade your firmware.

Touch-Back function is enabled from firmware version 1.3877.0


  • Connect the USB cable of your touch-enabled screen to the USB port of the receiver.

  • When the receiver has successfully detected the touch functionality of your screen, the mouse icon will appear at the top right of the home screen.

! The touch-back function is activated

  • Switch the transmitter to PC. Connect the transmitter to one of the USB ports on your Windows computer. Then connect the HDMI or DisplayPort cable supplied.

Switch transmitter to PC](/assets/img/Pairing1.jpg)

  • If the receiver and transmitter are connected correctly, the landing page is displayed on the screen and the large button on the transmitter lights up red. If your transmitter is not yet unlocked, check the receiver and pair the transmitter with the receiver again.

QuattroPod transmitter unlocked

  • To connect your device and work with Touch-Back, simply press the red transmitter button.

Press transmitter button and show contents

  • When the touch-back function has been successfully enabled, the message "Hid Driver loading ..." appears on the screen for a few seconds.

The touch-back function was successfully activated](/assets/img/Hid_Driver_loading.jpg)

  • The touch gestures of your display are sent back to the computer.

Touch gestures are sent back to the computer